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Affordable (and Free) Activities in Punta Cana

When the word Punta Cana crosses through people minds the first thing that pops is money, don’t worry Punta Cana also has its affordable or even free sides. this blog is intended to illustrate the  hidden and free gems of this wonderful city.

women posing for a picture with drink in hands

Hidden gem number one: Macao beach, Easily one of the five most impressive beaches in the country, Playa Macao is wide, bright and surrounded by palm trees and its waves have made it a favorite of surfers. It is located at the north end of the Punta Cana region and is known for its swell and wind.

The beach of Macao has a very active sea with enough waves you can surf and it is also a transit point for quad or buggy excursions. It’s known for its traditional restaurants that serves mostly ocean food, i recommend to rent a beach bed which it includes two single person bed and a umbrella, please use the umbrella Macao its known for its scorching sun. sun block will be your most beloved friend during your stay in Macao beach.

In Macao you can also find many vendors that will try to sell typical Dominican food like “pastelitos de carne”  or meat cake if you just copy and paste it on google translate. this consist on flour dough made into fine small circular figures and in the middle filling it with chicken or beef, placing another circular dough on top. using a fork they unite the two dough pieces to ensure that none of the fillings come out of the meat cake. deep fried is the most popular way of cooking making it crunchy on the beginning but then soft at the end with the meat filling.  “eating pastelitos” in Macao beach is a great Dominican way to enjoy the scenery and relaxation of this paradisiac place.

Visiting this place is totally free. There’s no fee to pay to enter Macao beach.

Punta Cana: sun, sand and beach, all of  that and much more. Punta Cana is people, it’s town, it’s history, it’s culture. Come and enjoy all the good and beautiful we have to offer you. Come visit with us the beautiful and picturesque city of Higüey.

Higüey is know for its fast tourism growth many denominate higher as the tourism capital of the Dominican Republic.  the meaning after the name is land where the sun is born. its name is in arawakan language which was used by the taino people.

Higüey head city of La Altagracia province, located in the Eastern region of the Dominican Republic. About 200 km from Santo Domingo capital of the country.

It has innumerable attractions for you, you can choose a means of public transport these are comfortable and safe, the best of all its cost or price, less than 6 dollars, incredible isn’t it?

Or you can choose a taxi, these are safe and reliable. You can also rent a vehicle of your choice, there are many rent cars, which provide this service and so you can enjoy the whole journey, beautiful landscape, you can appreciate the flora and fauna, if you like you can take a village culturalization and make stops at the Kiosks that are along the road that have gastronomic wonders for you: sweets, artisan cheeses and endless delicious snacks.

In “la otra banda” a small village just before entering Higüey you can try the exquisite Milk Chicharrón, it is characteristic of this region, dulce de leche balls submerged in a syrup produced with the serum, it is delicious and good for your bones (well I really do not know, I just know which is delicious). At last you arrived at your destination: Higüey with wide and colorful streets, full of friendly people, ready to give you the best to enjoy your stay and repeat the visit. Visit the municipal market where you will find everything, everything, the rarest and most normal things: tropical fruits at a very good price, memories for your loved ones that were left at home. Then there is the obligatory stop basilica of all visitors, no matter your religion or beliefs, this is a beautiful and majestic place that I invite you to visit and enjoy. The museum is a relatively new place, but full of history.

There are other buildings commemorating the religiosity of its beautiful people in the town of Higüey. Buildings full of history and unparalleled beauty, good experiences and beautiful memories are many reasons to visit the lush, vivacious and beautiful city of Higüey. You will not be disappointed, here you can find everything, street vendors, dining rooms, restaurants, small and picturesque kiosks, everything and for all tastes. It will be a great way to get to know the locals a little. Depending on the date of your visit you can see horse parades, livestock fairs, religious-themed parades and lots of other activities. Higüey a corner of this island that you will enjoy and you can never forget. PuntaCana much more than beach, sea, sun and sand. Come, we wait for you and we promise to welcome you with open arms and our best smile. Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic are ready, don’t miss the wonders and hidden gems of this marvelous island.